Flower-shop, Brussels, designed by Paul Hankar, XIX century

Apparently, this was the guy who was deoported for being too handsome.
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Oun Sambath and his pet python.
A few months after Oun Sambath was born, his family found a baby python under his mattress. They carefully took it outside, but during the night it returned to be with the baby boy. The boy’s father prayed, and decided that the snake belonged to the boy and would bring them happiness.The boy and the snake have been together ever since. They have played together, have slept together, and even have talked together.“What do you say to the snake?” People have asked the boy.“That is a secret,” the boy has replied.
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Snake love is best love.

have I mentioned that I’m a snake person?

Omg do you know what this reminds me of?!?!
The old pre-colonial Visayan belief of one having a snake twin. Literally it’s a snake that is actually a spirit of a dead ancestor that is born with the person often staying close with them never really leaving their side and was said to lead that person to success and was seen as a symbol of luck and that one was blessed by the ancestors. The early Spaniards noted this widespread belief and some wrote stories of those who gave birth to a baby snake often mistaking it as parts of the placenta. In Alcina’s writings he writes of one incident where the mother was to afraid to have found the snake in the placenta and brought it outside. It eventually came back to be with her boy and still scared of the snake they moved away hoping it wouldn’t find them again.
This bond with this boy pretty much is a living example of that old belief. :D
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